Music In The Valley

Music In The Valley brings world-class musicians to St. John’s Church. The concert series began in 2008 in partnership with Jonathan Carney, concertmaster of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, to fulfill a need for quality chamber music in this mostly rural area. Past performances have included classical music ensembles that have met with rave reviews. Each performance begins on a Sunday evening at 5:30 and is followed by a buffet/reception where concertgoers can mingle with the artists.

Reservations for each concert can be made by calling the church office at 410-429-4690 until 3:00 p.m. on the Friday before the concert. Adult seats are $35 if purchased online or with advance reservations and $40 at the door.  Student/child tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

2016 – 2017 Music in the Valley Schedule 

September 18, 2016
The Monument Piano Trio

Dariusz Skoraczewski, cello and Michael Sheppard, piano return for the 8th time with their Trio.  Jonathan Carney, violin appears with Monument for the 2nd time in place of Igor Yuzefovich, currently Concert Master with the Singapore Symphony. Mr. Carney is in his 14th year as concertmaster with the Baltimore Symphony where Mr. Skoraczewski is principle first cello. Mr. Sheppard also plays with the symphony, as well as composing and performing.

Sponsored by an anonymous donor.

Monument trio poster (2)

December 11, 2016
McGill, McGill, McHale Trio  (MM+M Trio)

Anthony McGill, Clarinet; DeMarre McGill, flute; and Michael McHale, piano have come together to form this dazzling trio. Anthony McGill is principal Clarinet with NY Philharmonic and former principal with Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. His brother, Demarre McGill is principal flute of the Dallas Symphony. Michael McHale is one of Ireland’s leading pianists. All three artists solo with leading orchestras around the world.

Sponsored by Iva Gillet and Rudy and Robin Breitenecker.

McGill_McHale Trio

January 15, 2017
The Two Pianists

Luis Magalhaes and Nina Schumann, pianists, formed their duo when they were students in 1999 at University of North Texas, pupils of maestro Vladimir Viardo. They have been compared to another famous pair, Ashkenazy-Previn. Now based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, they are dedicated to teaching and organizing the Stellenbosch Interntional Music Festival in addition to concertizing world-wide and recording.

Sponsored by Maura Godinez, in loving memory of her mother, Frances Prochazka.

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March 19, 2017 
Beijing Guitar Duo

Meng Su and Yamen Wang were both born in Qingdao, China and though 7 years apart, they both started their guitar studies with renowned professor Chen Zhi at an early age and soon began winning prestigious awards throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. They both eventually graduated from Peabody and now continue studying with Manuel Barruec0.

UPDATE 02 09 2017:    Meng Su, classical guitarist, recipient of the Maryland State Arts Council Traveling Grant, and a student of Manuel Barreuco, is at last coming to Music in the Valley.  Two fellow guitarists, also participants in Manuel Barreuco’s Guitar Study Workshop, will be joining her on stage in the absence of Yameng Wang, whose hand was injured in an auto accident.  They are Jeremy Lutty and John Marcel Williams, both from the USA.  Mr. Lutty began his studies at Baltimore School for the Arts, went on to graduate from Peabody and now pursues his masters degree with Manuel Barreuco.  John Williams began his music studies with Oberlin Conservatory Professor Stephen Aron at 13, participated in and won prizes in many prestigious guitar competitions, and now pursues his undergraduate degree with professor Barrueco. We welcome these young musicians to our stage and invite you to enjoy the music of this classical guitar trio. 

Sponsored by Doug and Tsongie Hamilton.


May 7, 2017 
The Canticle Singers

Hidden away on a side street in a charming older Episcopal Church in Towson, MD are the Canticle Singers, a women’s choir who sing with much beauty and pleasing a cappella harmonies. They sing varied programs including Celtic, religious, spiritual music, preparing three a year for presentation.

Sponsored by Mrs. Barbara Hathaway.

Canticle Singers 3

June 18, 2017
Jonathan Carney and Friends

Sponsored by Dr. James Anthony.

Concertmaster Jonathan Carney needs no introduction to MIV as he is a joint founder and an integral part of the series.  Mr Carney is joined by his daughter, Gracie Carney, violin; Julie Savignon, violin; and John Nauman, piano.